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Poultry Weighing

Weltech 1050 Manual Bird Weighing System

Weltech 1050Weltech 1050 Kit
The BW-1050 is battery operated and therefore a totally portable manual live bird weighing system. The BW-1050 can be recharged from a mains voltage supply or from a car cigarette lighter.

Our portable weighing system offers a large spread of weight ranges, and It can be configured for a variety of options.

Up to 2000 birds can be weighed and the 1050 can be programmed to store 1 to 20 houses or pens.

On completion of weighing the 1050 can be connected into a portable printer and will print the total number of birds weighed, average weight, percentage evenness, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. It will also print a numerical histogram of the birds weighed, or the actual weight of each bird weighed.

The BW-1050 has an RS 232 (9-pin serial) output port and
can be connected into a computer direct or via the
telephone network system (modem required).

This product can be supplied with a number of additional options, including a wide variety of weight ranges, grading/selection lights, weight acceptance neon light, multiple bird mode, target weight statistics and even DOS/Windows integration!



1050 Features
Battery operated
Totally portable
Up to 2000 individual weights
Separate pen I.D.
Complete statistical data sourcing
Battery operated thermal Printer



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